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About Us

Vulgaire was founded by Ann Chalifoux and Steven Ranger. Both are already entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing and design. Initially, Vulgaire was created to carry out marketing tests and demonstrate to clients that it was still possible to successfully launch a project with a limited budget. However, the pace and type of tasks quickly interested its founders. Steven, having health problems and whose physical and energetic limits are constantly evolving downwards, quickly realized that this project was more suited to his condition and quickly took a liking to it. Ann, with her creative spirit and her passion for arts and design, also took a liking to it very quickly. In addition to their love of candles, Steven studied marketing as well as business management and support and works as a business coach and marketing consultant and Ann studied and works as a designer graphic designer, web developer and photographer.

  • Top quality ingredients

  • Eco-friendly

  • Durable and fun products

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