Popularize autism, one candle at a time!

Discover our collection of scented candles (or not) specially designed to humorously support all the popularization and information efforts on autism carried out by the Autism 123 team. Be an actor of change by supporting an important and famous cause neurodiversity with us!


Brighten up your home and the future of autism!

By purchasing one of the candles from the collection, you are doing much more than illuminating your interior. You participate in the mission of Autism 123: to explain autism in clear and accessible terms to all and to provide simplified and complete information. Your support allows Autisme 123 to create and disseminate more information and tools by employing different professionals in the field who will contribute to the popularization of autism. Each candle purchased is a concrete gesture to advance the cause of autism and improve the lives of autistic people and their families. Brighten the future of autism now!

Discover Autism 123

In collaboration with Bleuet Atypical

Valérie Jessica Laporte is autistic. She gets involved and raises awareness about this difference in a colorful way. On social networks, we know her as Bleuet atypical. She was the recipient of the Michel-Francœur tribute from the Quebec Autism Federation in 2018 and is now its official spokesperson. His vision: to help unite the two worlds in order to create a solid team between neurotypicals and autistics. She firmly believes in changing perspectives, one person at a time, opening dialogue.

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Available with and without fragrance

Perfume your interior with one of our candles with captivating fragrances: cheesecake and strawberry for a gourmet ambiance, fresh coffee for a morning boost or let yourself be tempted by the simplicity of an unscented candle for a soothing ambiance . Whatever your choice, your support is valuable in advancing the cause of autism.

  • Strawberry cheesecake

    A fragrance so delicious that your saliva will flow instantly when you smell it!

  • Fresh coffee

    A delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee to start the day, without the caffeine!

  • Fragrance-free

    A fragrance-free version so that those hypersensitive to odors can also enjoy it!

Are you international?

Shipping available to Canada, United States and France. If you would like to receive our products in another country, write to us at to place your order!